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What some Cain-Stanley & Company’s clients have said:


“For almost the past decade, I have received coaching from Patti Cain-Stanley.  Within this period, Patti constantly challenged me to reach my full leadership potential resulting in a tenfold increase in our organization’s revenue and net income.  Finally, her guidance and support was instrumental in my life changing liquidity event when we recently sold our organization to a strategic acquirer. Indeed, in one coaching session during the acquisition period, Patti’s advice resulted in a $300,000 increase in upfront cash received.”

Christopher Scharff-CEO
DG Brands

“I have always thought that who I am is the result of ‘the sands of time’, and I am truly amazed at how much of an impact your coaching had on me in such a short time. You truly led me to the next level performance and brought about in me what I believe is enduring change.”

Jane Wood-Senior Vice President
Wescom Credit Union

“As a result of her coaching, I have become clear about my vision, developed a plan for execution, and most importantly am living many components of my vision today. Patti has a unique gift. ”

Andy Ortiz
Chief HR Officer

Cedars Sinai Health System

“Strategic planning is a critical component for every business decision and Ms. Cain-Stanley excels in focusing her client’s energy around creating a win-win environment. I have been associated with Patti for over 10 years and her coaching / mentoring sessions have been a key factor in my business success.”

A. E. Buckalew-Former Global Account Director
Oracle Corporation

“People are drawn to work with and support her because she challenges and coaches individuals to strive for excellence. Her goal-orientation, energy and drive, coupled with her desire to see people succeed, were prime factors in Patti’s rapid and noteworthy move up the corporate ladder in the past.”
“Patti’s effectiveness comes through setting high expectations, measuring performance, providing feedback, and emphasizing individual responsibility. She personally represents the very role model of the performance behaviors she expects from her clients”

Charles Bunten
Former President and COO

“The coaching you provided when I was a director helped me to have the confidence I needed to step into this role as VP.”

VP, Organization Effectiveness
Health Net, Inc.

“She makes me feel comfortable but pushes me enough to be serious about getting the right results. I like the fact that she speaks from personal experience. She has been in the trenches and knows what it takes to succeed. “Again, thank you for being a great coach. I’m a better person because of you.”

VP, Wescom Insurance Agency
Wescom Credit Union

“Patti-Cain Stanley and her team are a a top-notch firm in terms of caliber of experience, expertise, and ability to strengthen skills for individuals and teams. Patti is truly gifted in her communication style and strategic insights– she is surely the best in her field”.

Credit Union CEO


“Patti’s strong facilitation skills and clear thinking was instrumental in articulating our strategy within the complex environment of technology commercialization.”

Julie Holland
Director, Technology Commercialization Center
Cal Poly Pomona

Consulting and Coaching

“Patti’s exhaustive knowledge of business practices, which included financial, operational, and strategic marketing approaches, was instrumental in our obtaining approval of the plan and successfully executing on the various components. We could not have achieved the level of success that we did without her expertise and guidance. Her direct, no-nonsense, results-oriented approach was refreshing; especially in an environment that is resistant to change and does not necessarily reinforce results.”

Pamela M. Mokler, MS
Former Executive Director
Orange County Office on Aging

“It’s very valuable when someone has walked through a similar journey because they can problem solve vs. suggest based on theory.”

VP, Customer Care & Client Services
CO-OP Financial Services


“Barri Carian was incredible. Due to an unforeseen change of circumstances at the very last minute, our 3-year strategic planning session turned into the development of a 9-month transition/action plan. Her ability to work on the fly and adapt to the day enabled us to do what I thought was not possible. She discarded the extensive preparation she had ready and drew on her amazing skill set resulting in a clear path forward for our organization in 8 hours. Our international board of directors is full of big personalities, Barri was able to wrangle us in a way that was both drama free and effective. We are bringing her back to facilitate our 3-year strategic plan!”

KJ Jennings
Board Chair
Association of Film Commissioners International (AFCI)

“My personal experience in working with you was very rewarding. You asked probing and insightful questions in order to have a deeper foundation of where we were in our process. Prior to and through out the retreat we communicated effectively resulting in our team experiencing a breakthrough in communication. You were very responsive to the unique sensitivities that retreats can sometimes bring out in the participants. You were also very adept at seeing when openings occurred and using the opportunities to move us forward on the path to achieving the work we were there to accomplish.”

Michael Goodman
Executive Director
Project Access

“The numbers people say it is 5 times harder to execute a strategy than it is to create one and I think that ratio is even conservative. I really appreciated your dogged insistence that the loose ends be tied down, dates be articulated and “owners” be identified.”
“Like most entrepreneurs I’m not big on meetings but when they have movement, offer growth, and end up in a valuable place I can hang in there. I believe that is what you created.”

Richard C. Whiteley
Whiteley Group