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Why Choose Us?  

With nearly 40,000 executive business coaches and untold numbers of consultants in the United States alone, it can be difficult to sift through your options and identify the best resource for your senior management team. Allow us to help.

In order to unlock your organization’s full potential, your executive leaders must first fully develop themselves. That’s where we come in. Our team consists of 8 seasoned, certified executive coaches, consultants, and facilitators and collectively, we’ve been developing the capabilities of top leaders for more than 100 years. Firm believers in the power of a team, we collaborate on each account, ensuring a multi-faceted, results-oriented approach to leadership development.

Adept at amplifying performance, we have 15 areas in which we focus, from strategy to communications to leadership growth and so much more. Certified in 13 leadership developmental tools, we’re able to quickly identify performance gaps and provide a framework for your organization, and all of its people, to thrive.

When you’re ready to invest in leadership that surpasses expectations, you’re ready for Cain-Stanley & Co.  To learn more about how we can help your company reach its full potential, please contact us at 714-979-6766.

We are successful in our work because we…

  • Create a strong relationship with the client
  • Have no agenda but the client’s
  • Are goal-oriented
  • Listen deeply
  • Create collaboration
  • Bring strong business acumen
  • Have strong experience
  • And proven processes

 What we can do for those we coach, train, or advise…

  • Support growth
  • Push for results
  • Envision a future or outcomes, help the individual, team or organization see what is possible, and support the achievement of those goals

What leadership coaching, consulting, workshops, facilitation, and programs look like for the team and the individual…

  • Fulfilling
  • Goal-oriented with strong results
  • Collaborative
  • Content-rich and interactive
  • Conceptual along with applied
  • Fun
  • Impactful