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Leadership Team Coaching

What makes an effective leadership team? Not a simple question or a simple answer. There are many essential elements, but the starting point is the leader of the team. The leader sets the tone and moves the team; therefore, he or she is the central figure in the team’s performance. Regardless of the starting point, the leader’s strong engagement is essential for a shift in the team’s performance. Often the need for improved team dynamics or enhanced communications is most readily identified for enhanced focus and performance. While these are clearly important areas, usually they are symptomatic of the need to strengthen other areas. In the course of working with  teams in the Los Angeles and Orange County areas, CSC often identifies the following foundational elements as inherent contributors to less-effective communication or working relations:

  • Mission and Vision Clarity—where are we going, what does it look like, by when, how, and why?
  • Goal Setting—what do we need to achieve, short-term and long-term? Are the goals clear enough to effectively drive performance?
  • Team Charter and Commitment—what is the purpose of this group; are we set up to accomplish the charter (agendas, frequency of meetings, organization, members, etc.) and are we, as a team, committed to achieving the desired outcomes?
  • Team Values and Dynamics—how do we work as a team? Are we honoring our values and communicating effectively?
  • Individual Expectation and Accountability—do the individuals know and understand their performance expectations as a team member and a functional business leader? Are they held accountable for both or does one trump the other—what are the implications?
  • Team Composition—is the team comprised of the best individuals for the job? Will these individual leaders make your vision a reality?
  • Team Leadership—does the leader of the team (or organization) provide the leadership in all its aspects as well as the support, and structure to maximize the team’s performance?

We work with leaders and their teams to identify and shift the performance of not only the presenting issue, but, as necessary, the underlying ones as well.