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Group Coaching and Facilitation

Group Coaching

Group coaching is a highly effective and productive method of providing support for individuals or teams working on or through similar business or developmental issues. In a group coaching session, the facilitator leads the group through concepts and real-world situations collectively drawing out insights, questions, successes, set-backs, etc. Individual participants share and learn from each other as well as the coach/facilitator. A real sense of community is created that can be called upon for support inside and outside of the sessions and beyond.

CSC uses group coaching as a strong tool for reinforcement of facilitation, program, or workshop outputs and/or as a cost-effective way to collectively move a group or organization forward when focused on similar concepts, issues or opportunities.

Professional Edge Group Coaching Program:

  • For people in transition or on a budget, who want support, guidance and accountability as they work towards the next level in their personal or professional life.
  • Program is customizable and flexible so that you can engage more when you most need support and attend fewer sessions when you are pulled away by changes in your life.
  • Allows you to experiment with different small groups such as job transition, parenting, starting a business, handling fear, etc. so that you can maximize your overall support system, and at the same time get more specific guidance related to specific issues you are facing.

Master Support and Advisory Groups:

  • For people who are established professionally, and want to be more effective in both their personal and professional lives.
  • To qualify you must fit certain basic parameters specific to the group, and be willing to learn and honor the ground rules of our group process.
  • Groups are small, allowing in depth discussion and brainstorming around individual challenges.
  • Commitment is typically a minimum of six months and most members stay with their group long term.
  • You may choose whether or not to integrate private coaching into your program (and change this option should your needs change).



Meeting planning and facilitation is not easy. It begins with chartering the team as well as the meeting and determining what outcomes are needed to achieve meeting goals and drive business effectiveness. Ongoing work needs to happen to maintain the integrity of the meeting and to achieve the prescribed goals.

Planning is essential. Preparation is necessary to create cogent conversations on a topic—context on the subject, purpose of discussion, desired outcomes, and associated documentation—all need to be prepared and distributed prior to the meeting. This level of preparation helps the leader clarify the topic and his/her thoughts to present to the group. Allowing the group the time to process the information in advance creates a more robust discussion.

Once in the meeting, effective facilitation is vital to keeping the meeting on track and delivering on its goals. Facilitation requires the individual leading the meeting to be highly vigilante in assuring that the meeting goals, personal agendas, topic discussion times, etc. are all in balance. This can be especially challenging for the leader to not get lost in the topic and lose sight of the facilitation. In the Los Angeles area, we support leaders and teams in accomplishing all aspects of the meeting effectiveness.

Below are some of CSC’s Facilitated Programs: