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Communication Coaching and Relationship Building

Communication—verbal, written, and non-verbal—is how we interact with others and the environment. We communicate to create understanding and influence others; we live in language. As foundational and somewhat simplistic as it may seem, to be effective, most important communication needs to be intentional and adaptive to the situation and to the receiver. The more we need communication to drive an outcome, the more we need to thoughtfully craft our point-of-view, understand other’s points of view, reduce risk and increase safety to speak authentically, and be conscious of tone, facial expressions, word choice, and so on. So often we are unconscious to the messages we are sending and we do not take the time to design our communications. As a result, our ability to influence others and/or create effective relationships is impacted.

Cain-Stanley & Co. helps individuals, teams, and organizations in the Orange County and Los Angeles areas become more aware of the dynamics of communication and relationship-building, helps build communication and relationship-building skills, and helps create strategies for effective communication and relationships. We work broadly or in a focused manner…whatever your goal for enhanced connection and influence.

We work in the following 2 areas in Communication Coaching and Relationship Building:

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