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Strategic Planning and Thinking Programs and Workshops

We offer several foundational workshops in the Los Angeles and Orange County areas that introduce strategic planning and the concepts of building to a longer-term vision versus strictly managing what is or business as usual.  Please let us know if you would like to learn more about these impactful concepts.

  • Strategic Planning for Managers
  • Creating your Organizational Vision and Mission
  • Organizational Culture and Values

We offer selected programs (longer term, greater depth than workshops) that address your individual, team or organizational planning needs.  If you are interested in exploring the programs below or would like to discuss your needs and a personalized approach, please contact us to start the dialogue.

  • Calibrated Strategic Planning Programs and Facilitation
    • Strategic Planning Off-Sites
    • Vision and Long-Term Goal Setting
    • Strategic Initiative Development
    • Initiative Planning, Ownership, and Accountability
    • Measurement–Dashboard Creation and Review
    • Quarterly Results Meeting Development and Facilitation
    • Impact Review and Adjustment
  • Board of Advisors Charter, Agenda Creation, and Facilitation