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Business Consulting

Business Leadership Consulting is a powerful service and tool for the professional who is seeking support in improving his/her bottom-line results, however measured, by beginning at the end… the outcome desired. Once the outcome is established, we identify the action steps to operationalize the imperative and Cain-Stanley & Co. works with the organization to drive it to fruition. By always focusing on the objective, designing to that result, and integrating the output into the whole, a higher quality deliverable is achieved with long-term sustainability. This can be done at any level within the organization, but must be integrated structurally and behaviorally.

Core to sustainable high performance is strong, effective leadership. Therefore, after developing a vital segment of the business or organization, the structure must be put in place to assure its continuation and the leaders of the business must reinforce it and give it context. Serving both Orange and Los Angeles Counties, Cain-Stanley & Co. works to assure that with project completion, the deliverable is integrated at the leadership, process, and work product levels.

Depending on the outcomes desired, these could be the sets of deliverables achieved:

  • Leadership development
    • Modeling, messages, reinforcement of culture, consistency of actions, strategic thinking, creating vision, bold moves
  • Organizational culture refinement
    • Vision, mission, values, long-term goals, short-term imperatives and key organizational messages
  • Operational implementation including:
    • Operational timeline
    • Action planning
    • Measurement system development
    • Recognition and reward systems tied to desired outcomes
    • Staff alignment, development, and hiring plan with timeline
    • Job responsibility development and accountabilities

Consulting is an investment. It assumes that the individual or organization you hire will deliver the outcome you desire. Most likely it will, but can the work be replicated, institutionalized, if appropriate, integrated, and sustained? We can deliver the result because we have successfully run businesses and teams at every level. We can create outstanding deliverables, but more importantly, work at the levels necessary to ensure sustainability through leadership, behavioral reinforcement, process development and integration. By viewing the opportunity systemically, Cain-Stanley & Co. works to assure that the investment is not just worthwhile in the short-run, but that the return continues to be realized over time… a very real competitive advantage for your organization.