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“Patti came to my attention close to 15 years ago, when I was a fledgling new business owner, somewhat overwhelmed with the trials and tribulations of being an interior design small business owner with a developing client base of corporate titans. Patti has been instrumental for my company in helping me navigate the highs and lows of working with captains of industry and growing my business all the while maintaining my goals professionally and philanthropically.”
-Denise Kuriger, Owner of Denise Kuriger Design

“I cannot overstate how helpful Patti’s coaching has been to me. It has exceeded all expectations. She worked with me as I transitioned from one institution to another and continues to help me recognize my strengths, weaknesses, blind spots, and opportunities. She is always present and on her toes, helping me stay on mine. She offers critical insight and advice in times of crisis and otherwise. In short, she’s the greatest career asset I never knew I needed.”
-Kat Carrico, Vice President for Health Sciences Advancement at Keck School of Medicine of USC

“As a result of her coaching, I have become clear about my vision, developed a plan for execution, and most importantly am living many components of my vision today. Patti has a unique gift. ”
-Andy Ortiz, Chief HR Officer of Cedars Sinai Health System

Leadership Development

To build leadership, CSC works with individuals and leadership groups to assess their capacity today and needs for tomorrow, and then create conversations, experiences, skill-building opportunities, etc. to drive sustainable high performance.

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Strategic Thinking & Planning

Leaders often react to what comes their way without charting their own course or driving to a vision of the future. Yet planning is essential for growth and sustained performance–but it is only the beginning. CSC consultants design the strategic discussions as well as work at the back-end to support the execution, measurement, monitoring and adjustment for high-level results.

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Communication & Relationship Building

We work with the individual to thoughtfully craft their point-of-view, understand other’s points of view, reduce risk and increase safety to speak authentically and with impact.

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Team & Organizational Effectiveness

The difference between mediocre execution and breakthrough results is often in the team dynamics. We work with the leader to craft their vision to align the team and help create the path for high-level results.

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Are you ready to unlock your full potential?

Executive Coaching, Mentoring, Consulting, & Facilitation

In 2000, Patti Cain-Stanley created Cain-Stanley & Company, a leadership development firm based on strong coaching and consulting principles. Over the years, with experience and dedication, CSC has grown into a company that offers a rich inventory of expertise. We specialize in leadership development and effectiveness, leadership skills training, business and executive coaching, communication workshops, executive leadership consulting, business and team building off-sites, strategic planning and facilitation, leadership team facilitation, and team organizational effectiveness coaching and consulting.

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“I have had the pleasure of working with Patti over the last 5 years as President of my organization. The initial reason was to engage her as an executive coach, but I found that Patti’s skills, knowledge and experience lent itself to far more. Together we worked on chartering teams, strategic planning, company culture, decision making protocols and more. The results were significant. The systems created will not only support us today but will continue to underpin the growth of our organization and its emerging leaders.

Patti was also engaged with the majority of our senior team as their coach as well so we could align and develop skills collectively. Patti has the ability to listen deeply, ask clarifying and thought-provoking questions and then provide direction or insights that consistently moved the ball forward.

I would highly recommend Patti as a trusted advisor, coach, and strategic consultant for anyone interested in truly developing themselves and their business.”

Mike LaHorgue

Former President, Carmel Partners