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  • Do you feel like you are reaching your full potential?

  • Do you feel that those you support are reaching their full potential?

  • Are you an A player asked to take on something new and wondering if you can still produce at an A level?

  • Are you an excellent "doer," but need to evolve to a more effective leader?

  • Are you unable to find reserves of time to plan and strategize for improved results?

  • Do you find your life out-of-balance and lack of exercise, rest, personal time, etc., impacting your work performance?

  • Are you struggling to determine what you are committed to in your work and personal life?

  • Are you looking to take on greater responsibility, but haven't convinced those you need to that you're ready?

  • Do you seek to more effectively communicate, but find yourself having breakdowns?

  • Would you like to find new and more powerful ways to approach situations and people?

  • Would you like to see more possibilities versus obstacles?

  • Are there personnel situations you know you need to tackle, but can't move yourself to do so?

  • Are there opportunities you could capitalize on, but you don't take the action--something is in the way?

  • Do you need to be more strategic, but there is always a crisis or an immediate issue to attend to?

Cain-Stanley & Co. can coach you to the results you and your organization desire. The tools, ways of thinking and being, and processes will be integrated and developed in the individual so that the principles will be applied across a set of circumstances, not just the one at hand. This is an investment in the individual to enable them to act more powerfully and effectively, professionally and personally, for an increased level of performance.
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Cain-Stanley & Company, Inc. • Executive Coaching • Consulting • Speaking