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Barbara Maisonet

Barbara Maisonet has a passion for partnerships that pursue growth, awareness and transformation… which made choosing to become a Coach a natural fit! Her coaching clients since 2005 have included doctors, lawyers, entrepreneurs, business owners, and CEO’s – all of whom committed to Barbara’s coaching process of taking a look at “what wasn’t working” in their professional lives in order to make a powerful and impactful shift towards re-creating their professional environment and career. 

Prior to becoming a Coach, Barbara worked in the Public Relation &
Advertising field as well as taught junior and senior high in both the “at-risk” group home setting and within the school system. Through each of these jobs, she gained insight and knowledge on both human behavior and business culture enabling her to elevate her coaching clients through the process of both personal and leadership development.  

Graduating cum laude from Biola University with a degree in Communications she went on to graduate from Accomplishment Coaching, an intensive coach training program designed to produce top-performing life & business coaches. As a result, she specializes in asking the kinds of questions that create profound awareness and insight into her client’s lives as well as creating powerful and necessary action steps that will keep her clients moving forward. She incorporates leadership development, building effective communication skills, conquering confronting conflict, time management, goal setting and more into her powerful coaching calls, leaving each client with tangible steps to take until the next call.  

When she’s not coaching, she and her son assemble Homeless bags to be passed out when driving around town and plan educational, adventure tripsSo far, they have been to Ireland, Kauai, Costa Rica, Washington D.C. and have taken a few road trips around America.   

Through insight, commitment and an unfaltering dedication to each client’s goals, she will guide, mentor, and cheer on each client who comes to the table ready and willing to put in the work for profound and impactful change. Let’s get to work on becoming the leader you desire to be! 

Barbara Maisonet has been working with Cain-Stanley & Co. since 2015.