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Tammy Horton

Tammy Horton - Executive CoachingAs Program Director, Tammy manages and runs all Cain-Stanley & Co. programs and projects.

Tammy Horton is the founder of SavvyBean, which specializes in corporate marketing, planning and project management. With Tammy’s past experience in the conference production, sales and business planning and marketing industries, she is able to provide support to executives in these areas as they develop and grow their own businesses and companies.

Prior to starting SavvyBean, Tammy worked as Manager, Marketing & Programs at AccelTech/NASA Commercialization Center where she co-developed a new business model for the Center and its services. She also created and managed programs and events designed to enable entrepreneurs to commercialize technology; implemented and developed a marketing and research strategy and implementation plan; and devised, built and deployed all marketing for the Center and its services, including the Center’s website.

Producing professional conferences at Venture Point SBDC and Strategic Research Institute, Tammy developed the skills required to take a conference from idea to event. Responsible for developing, managing and implementing annually two of the largest technology and life science conferences in Orange County: Corporate Investment & Strategic Alliance (CISA) Conference and Life Science Innovation Conference (LSIC), Tammy consistently met and exceeded all strategic and financial milestones. Utilizing her sales, marketing and management skills, Tammy recruited and worked with over 30 participating executives and investors at each event, produced all marketing and collateral materials, and researched, solicited and negotiated contracts with sponsors, supporting organizations, venues and service providers.

Tammy’s high level of organization and attention to detail coupled with over 10 years of business experience allows her to provide experience and leadership to business owners and companies that need that extra bit of expertise to help them drive their business in the right direction.

Tammy earned a bachelor’s degree from the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) and Richmond College in London, England.