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Jennifer Baldwin

Jennifer Baldwin is a dynamic leader and Coach with 20 years of experience driving large-scale talent development programs from vision to execution at companies such as Salesforce, Workday, Documentum, and PeopleSoft. She has translated her expertise in hiring, developing, enabling, and retaining people within high-growth organizations into her Coaching practice. She is an ICF Certified Coach, Circles Certified Guide, and also a certified Salesforce High-Impact Teaming Coach and Facilitator.

Her work in the college recruiting and development space has produced thriving global programs, like Generation Workday and Futureforce, that continue to be pillars of critical overall organizational growth strategies and part of her legacy in high-tech.

Known as an intrepreneur, Jennifer has created and implemented innovative solutions to merger and acquisition, new product, and strategic partnership enablement for thousands of employees around the globe. Adept at taking on complex challenges and focusing on the end-user experience and perspective, she designs just in time and relevant information, experiences, and insights for specific audiences.

As a leader, Jennifer has grown global teams that have become magnets for talent by setting clear visions and demonstrating her values of authenticity, connection, empowerment, and cross-functional collaboration.  A beacon for authentic servant leadership, Jennifer’s employees, peers, internal and external partners and collaborators have connected with her approach, creating high-quality, impactful outcomes that continue to have a ripple influence.

As a former United States Synchronized Swimming athlete, Jennifer is passionate about the transition experience from athlete to professional. Dedication, strength, resilience, and teamwork are athlete qualities that are part of her DNA. She acknowledges the volatile dynamics of a team and knows firsthand the accomplishments and value a unified, supported, engaged team can make. She brings this experience and perspective into coaching teams and organizations.

As a Yogi, she grounds herself in the critical mental and physical practice of Yoga that serves as a foundation for her intentionality. As a mother of two, she supports her Gen Z girls to be authentic resilient intentional humans. She puts pen to paper as a blogger and author to share her experiences, learnings, and challenges to help others see they are not alone in navigating life’s challenges.

Jennifer’s clients invest in her services for the rich and dynamic experiences she draws from to support adaptability, intentionality, and the sustainable transition to optimal ways to work and live. Seeking to understand, prioritize, and focus before taking action, she works with leaders to uncover and clarify their most important challenges and opportunities. She then designs and facilitates group sessions and individual coaching journeys creating space to generate awareness, open truthful conversations, insights, and authentic actions. Whether working with groups or professionals one-on-one, her approach is founded in the methodology of the look, see, tell the truth, and take authentic action. Outcomes from this work include alignment, engagement, collaboration, individual and collective fulfillment, and goal attainment.