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Individual, team, or organizational results

Coaching, consulting and strategic facilitation are personalized processes at Cain-Stanley & Co.—they are not templated or scripted. Each experience or process is designed for the individual, team or organization to achieve the outcomes desired. While the process is personalized, the approach is based on best practices and experiences we have honed over 12-25 years in the corporate, public, and entrepreneurial sectors. The results depend upon the individual, team or organization and how ready they are, their skill level, and their drive to achieve more. When it all aligns, high impact results and behaviors can be seen and experienced, quickly—personally, with your team or in your organization.


As a business, we have 20 years of coaching, consulting, training, and facilitation experience in nearly all industries, positions within a business, and size of business. Patti Cain-Stanley has personally coached 500+ individuals in the Los Angeles and Orange County areas, and worked with over 150 organizations as a consultant, coach or facilitator. Her team has coached or consulted for a minimum of 12 years and this experience and longevity coupled with certified approaches and processes, creates strong, sustainable results for our clients.

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