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The Team

The Cain-Stanley Team

Coaches and Consultants

Patti Cain-Stanley

Patti Cain-Stanley, Founder & President

F500 Experience: AT&T, Lucent
Years Consulting: 17
Certifications: Executive Coach; HayGroup Emotional Intelligence 360, DiSC, Korn Ferry Leadership Architect
Specialties: Strategy, Leadership, Communication, Coaching, Team Dynamics, Facilitation
Personal Hobbies: Running, Yoga, Hiking
Mantra: “You have to want it!”
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Barri Carian

Barri Carian, Consultant

F500 Experience: Aon Consulting, Merrill Lynch Relocation, 3 start‑ups
Years Consulting: 15
Certifications: Insight Inventory
Specialties: Business Growth, Strategy, Partnerships, CEO Roundtables, Facilitation
Personal Hobbies: Yoga, Reading, Philanthropic work
Mantra: “Breathing is good!”
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Kimberly Gerber

Kimberly Gerber, Consultant

F500 Experience: Starbucks, Fleetwood Enterprises
Years Consulting: 11
Certifications: Executive Coach, Mediator, MBTI Master Practitioner
Specialties: Strategy, Communication, Conflict Resolution, Brand Strategy
Personal Hobbies: Running, Triathlon, Wine Tasting
Mantra: “It’s not about You!”
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Nahid Casazza

Nahid Casazza, Coach

F500 Experience: Kingston Technology, Day & Zimmermann
Years Consulting: 12
Certifications: MBA, Board Certified Coach
Specialties: Effective Interactions at Work, Leadership, Coaching,Facilitation, Group Coaching
Personal Hobbies: Reading, Music, Journaling, Parenting
Mantra: “Improve yourself and everything around you improves as a result”
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Ronni Hendel-Giller

Ronni Hendel-Giller, Coach

Corporate Experience: Toyota Motor Company, Honda Financial Services, Cisco Systems, Nabisco Biscuit Company
Years Consulting: 15
Certifications: NeuroLeadership Group Coaching Certification; Barrett Values Assessments
Specialties: Emerging leadership; leadership transitions; coaching; facilitation; productive conversations
Personal Hobbies: Cooking, yoga, reading
Mantra: “Cultivate presence.”
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Tara Norton

Tara Norton, Coach and Consultant

F100 Experience: Cisco Systems, PepsiCo, Gateway and Disney
Years Coaching/Consulting: 9
Certifications: Professional Coach, Center for Creative Leadership 360 Feedback, MBTI, DiSC, Mentoring, New Leader Transition, Franklin-Covey: Seven Habits, Principal Centered Leadership and others
Specialties: Executive Coaching, Career Coaching, Leadership & Team Development
Personal Hobbies: Travel, Surfing, Philanthropic Work
Mantra: “Be the person you want to become.”
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Barbara Maisonet

Barbara Maisonet, Coach and Consultant

Corporate Experience: Co-op Financial, and many years experience with companies in the area of production.
Years Coaching: 8

Certifications: Graduate of Accomplishment Coaching, Group Coaching Essentials

Specialties: Effective & Purposeful Communication, Leadership Development, Group Coaching, Ontological Coaching, Personal and Professional Growth
Personal Hobbies: Exploring the world thru travel, trying brand new foods, & spending quality, purposeful time with family

Mantra: “You ALWAYS have a choice. What empowering choice will YOU choose?”
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JoAnne Foist

JoAnne Foist, Coach

Corporate Experience: Fleetwood Enterprises, Inc.
International Experience: Hisense International, SAP
Years Coaching: 5

Certifications: MBA, Executive Coach, Energy Leadership Index, Master Practitioner, Positive Psychology and Coaching, Yoga Teacher, Run Coach

Specialties: Performance and Goal Setting, Brand Strategy, Leadership, and Communication Coaching
Personal Hobbies: Running, yoga, Graduate work, biking, travel, philanthropic work

Mantra: “Everything you do communicates.”
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Management Staff

Tammy Horton

Tammy Horton, Director of Programs

Cain-Stanley & Co.
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Dana Gendry

Dana Gendry, Communications Manager

Cain-Stanley & Co.
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Debra Wright

Debra Wright, Business Manager

Cain-Stanley & Co.
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Moniza Freeman

Moniza Freeman, Project Manager

Cain-Stanley & Co.
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